Did you hear anything about nuru massage yet? Do you know what is it about and where you can try it? If you answer was no, you should read more, because we can offer you something special. We have discreet salon, where you can try these procedures. We can offer you the most beautiful girls and also great procedures. We have everything for everyone. If you are abecedarian, you can try only classic massage, when girl will take care about you, also about your intimate parties, but it is not so special like for example tantra procedure or nuru procedure. This procedure body to body is really nice, there is special gel made of sea grass. She will use it and you will be like in Eden, trust us!

Special gel

Special gel is really important thing, because her body must slippering on you and then you can feel like a God! Try it, because it is special procedure that you cannot find everywhere. You mustn´t go to salon in Prague, because salons are in all bigger cities in our republic. Don´t be afraid of price, because it is really good and you can afford it.